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Call for Abstracts

The Call for Abstracts is closed.  (deadline was January 30, 2020).  

We are in the process of reviewing all the abstracts.  Speakers will be notified if their abstract has been approved for an oral presentation, poster presentation or lightning round presentation, by  Friday, February 7, 2020.


The 2020 ASCE-EWRI International LID Conference, will be held at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, in Bethesda, Maryland.

The conference will highlight the mainstreaming of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) and LID in municipal programming as well as new and existing work and research in the United States and internationally.

The technical committee will be accepting abstracts on the conference topics listed below:

  • USA Region specific GSI/LID applications
  • Pacific Rim, Canada and International applications
  • Co-benefits: urban ecosystem services, economic development, public health, and workforce development
  • Economics, funding, and life-cycle analysis
  • Visionary, unconventional, innovative built and non-built projects
  • Watershed and large-scale applications
  • Climate adaptation and resiliency
  • Policies and regulations
  • Modeling and assessments
  • Equity and engagement strategies 
  • Twenty years of lessons learned
  • Integrated water management
  • Imagining LID in 2040

You are especially encouraged to submit abstracts that address the design, performance, and policy aspects of LID and Green Infrastructure use in the Washington DC Metro Area, and in low relief coastal areas. The committee also invites the submission of “synthesis” type papers that pull together the results of a variety of studies to present what would be considered the state of the practice today.



  • Must be in English
  • Approximately 250 words but no longer than 1 page in length
  • Your own work
  • No more than 2 submissions per person (as the presenter)
  • Only 1 of which may be approved for oral presentation
  • Only 1 of which may be approved for poster presentation

Abstracts must NOT be:

  • Autobiographical
  • Previously published (except if for oral presentation only)
  • Commercial or Promotional

Submitting a 90-Minute Session

Do you have a topic that could be considered to fill a complete 90-minute session block?  We encourage you to submit proposal directly to the Technical Program Chair, Neil Weinstein at [email protected]


90-Minute Sessions:

  • Send a word document with title in the file name (can be abbreviated)
  • Include the speaker's names and affiliations.
  • Include any cooperating organizations. Collaborative efforts will be favored for consideration. 
  • A brief description (1 or 2 paragraphs) of the effort.
  • Include a sentence with just conference abstract key words.  Summarize how you will address them in bullet format (one to two sentences max).
  • List learning objectives (a few sentences each bullet format).
  • Include a brief outline (bullet format) with time for each activity (e.g. introduction 5 min., modeling presentation 1 hr., etc.).
  • Describe audience (planner, student, modeler, etc.).
  • Describe outcomes or take away.

Who can submit?

ASCE/EWRI membership is encouraged, but not required for submission. Authors whose abstracts are accepted for presentation, whether oral or poster, are expected to register for and attend the conference, and should be available to be assigned speaking time slots anytime during the conference.

Final Paper Deadline:

  • Final Paper length is limited to 15 pages including the abstract, text, photos, and graphics
  • Final Papers must be at least 5 pages in length for inclusion in the published proceedings
  • Authors whose abstracts and/or final papers are selected for inclusion in the technical program will be required to register for the conference at the appropriate fee, attend the conference, and make their presentations in person.
  • Final Paper Submission is Optional

Speaker/Author Registration Deadline:

The deadline for speaker/author registration is 11:59 pm on , Eastern US Time (GMT minus 5).

Should an individual submit their final paper but fail to register by the deadline, that person's paper will be removed from the conference program and proceedings.

If you intend to submit only an abstract for presentation at the conference, you are still required to register by this date.

Speaker/author registration fees are non-refundable after due to necessary advance production of the proceedings and the program. Exceptions will only be made for illness or emergency if the request is made in writing and accompanied by a doctor's note and/or similar official documentation stating the emergency and person's name. The subsequent refund will be made minus a $100 processing fee.

COVID-19 Update

In response to the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), ASCE is committed to reducing the risk of adverse health impacts to the thousands of ASCE members, guests and staff that participate in numerous ASCE committee meetings, conferences and events. Thank you for your continued patience and dedication to ASCE and its Institutes. We will be hosting this conference virtually from July 20-24, 2020. For more information about the virtual event, please visit

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